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The Inland 20 Scow is the creation of the design team at Windward Boatworks. When we designed this boat our goal was to create a fast, fun, family scow that would provide equal one design racing. The Inland 20 is the best scow value on the market. It is the premier two person scow on the market offering great value and also exceptional performance. The boat is easily sailed by couples, families, and children. The Inland 20 sails all conditions well with the largest variety of skipper and crew weights of any of the inland lake scows.

Windward Boatworks offers many other services besides Inland 20 scows. We have designed and manufactured many other types of boats. We repair, rebuild and refurbish all scow classes from A to X. We pioneered the asymmetric on both the I-20 and E scow.

For other boats we do custom gelcoat work, bottom painting, and re-rigging. We provide many of the same services for our power boaters as well. Windward Boatworks is Madison's and Central Wisconsin's number one choice for repair.

I20 Scow Details

New hull bonded together

Rear bulkhead and kingplank



Rear controls


Foward shelf and rigging

Forward controls

Windward hull prior to bulkheads
being rigged out and added.