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Why Sail a Butterfly?

You Sail Secure
In case you capsize, the Butterfly is swamp-proof since the footwell is molded into the deck, forming a completely airtight sealed hull. Then, for added security there is enough foam inside the hull to float boat and crew.

You Sail Comfortably
The deep footwell measures a roomy 25 x 15 inches. And mahogany handrails not only add classic beauty, but a secure hand and toe grip.

You Sail Anywhere
Whether you tow it on a small trailer, or carry it on the top of your car, with a Butterfly you can quickly get to the water, ready to launch.

Butterfly Sails

One design sailing at its best...a quality boat for fun and excitement


These are the cloth colors which are available for sails. Custom color sails maybe purchased for your Butterfly for an additional fee above the cost of our stock sail price. Your sails may have up to three different colors as well.

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