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Why sail a Butterfly?
Because it's designed to do so many things so well. Large enough to accommodate several people. Fast enough for serious competition. Light enough for launching by one person. And virtually maintenance free.

Butterfly Parts

Are you looking to keep all your gear together for your Butterfly?
If you are looking to end the days of trying to find everything before that important club race or regatta, it is time to get yourself the ultimate organizer. Our new blade bag keeps everything for your Butterfly in one place, your blocks, your blades, and your rigging as well. This is the great way to keep everything in just one place. These are top quality bags.

Butterfly Flotation panels rolling off the shelf.

Get the original factory version, these come with the teflon glide for easier hoisting up the mast track, mesh back construction, and shaped foam core. New factory price $125.

See our Butterfly Parts List and Pricing

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