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Holiday Cheer!


Time to hit the marsh!

The Force Awakens!

Are we looking at the most dominant Butterfly team ever? What a spectacular season and what a way to finish up your Butterfly career. Congrats Zoe and Finn on a magical season. Fast boat, fast sails, big winners!

The Road to Nationals Runs Through Spring Lake AGAIN

Congrats to Zoe Czadzeck on being the 2018 Junior Champion and Open Champion! She had great crew Finn Fox, great support team and a fast Windward Butterfly.

Get ready for 2018 Butterfly Nationals!

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What A Sweet Rig!!

We now have Dollies with this cool rig and it fits like a charm. They are in stock and ready to go from Windward Boatworks. Give your Butterfly some love!

Butterfly Wrangle Regatta June 2-3, 2018

The top three boats were Doug Peckover, Paul Miller, and Sandy Denison. There were 11 boats racing in the event held at White Rock lake which is a great venue in downtown Dallas. For the first time in a while both Doug and Pam were back sailing the event this past weekend. Hopefully we will see them even more in the Butterfly class and at regattas. Click here to see results.

Traction For Your Butterfly!

We now have traction for your Butterfly! Only at Windward Boatworks.

Ready for Muskie Action

Why is Mason Smiling?

He is one of the fastest sailors on the Michigan sailing team, that's why. Where did it all start? On a Butterfly Sailboat! If you can make a Butterfly go fast you can make any boat go faster. Congratulations, Mason.

2018 Butterfly Nationals at Glen Lake this year

Are you ready for Butterfly Sailing?
The season is coming soon.

2018 Year of the Butterfly, Butterfly, Butterfly

Butterfly Summer!

The summer of 2017 will be remembered for all the great Butterfly sailing that took place all over the country. There were new friends, there were great races, there were also a lot of smiles along the way. Thanks for all the fun!! In the next few weeks we start our fall discount program on Butterfly's so don't miss out!

Mighty Sharp Barnett 1400!

2017 WMYA Championship Results

We all got Parkerized!

Congrats to Charlie on his first place finish and Aiden on his third place finish. Spring Lake YC showed up in Butterflly's and also had Zoe Czadzeck finish second overall, SLYC a 1,2,3.

Your 2017 Butterfly Junior and Open Champion

The same person winning both Junior and Open at Butterfly Nationals has only happened 4 times in the 55 year history of the event.
1991 - Ross Reuterdahl
1999 - John McNeil
2002 - Charlie Knape
2017 - Noah Wolters

2017 Butterfly Open & Junior National Championship

Torch Lake Yacht Club
Bellaire, MI, USA
July 18 - 20, 2017
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The newest addition.

We have added a composite daggerboard with added durability and an awesome finish. Gone are the days of varnish - unless you love varnish and wood, then we have lots of those too.

We're not Board at all!
Making Butterfly daggerboards.

Are you ready to get your Musky?

Lights, Camera , Action!

Butterfly Light Air Sailing

Click here to see all Butterfly instructional videos.
Windward Boatworks is excited to present our new coaching and instruction video series for the Butterfly. We teamed up with one of the best sailors in the country, Doug Peckover, a multiple time world and national champion in the Laser class and also the Butterfly class to help us produce a video series that makes it easy for everyone to get better and learn something new. This multiple part series is featured on our youtube site. We hope everyone enjoys this and we look forward to seeing everyone out on the race course!


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